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A Warm Welcome from
Dr. Megan Brown 

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I started this group practice because I believe in the power of teamwork!

Our group is especially unique because we are friends and colleagues.

Many of us have known each other since our younger years and we all came together as a team through various common connections. 


Connection and collaboration are the key to thriving and our center is warm, nurturing, and full of laughter. We are a group of dedicated mental health professionals supporting children, adolescents, and adults through our strong belief in the value of relationships. 


I am so grateful for this team of talented experts. 


Every interaction we have with parents and/or children will first emphasize the basic human need for connection. Through this connection, we can listen more closely, guide more specifically, support with compassion and empathy, and ultimately help others evolve in ways that are driven by connection.


Through a strengths-based approach, we look forward to building

warm and trusting relationships with you and your family.

I leave you with this message...

Its Ok to Stop and Just Be.

Enjoy Being 

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