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A Furry Friend!

Duke is a 9 month old Hypoallergenic Cavapoo who has already provided many of our patients emotional support during their sessions. He provides a sense of calm, comfort, and safety as he diverts attention away from the stress one may be feeling. 

Advocates of animal-assisted therapy say that developing a bond with an animal can help people develop a better sense of self-worth and trust, stabilize their emotions, and improve their communication, self-regulation, and socialization skills.

Duke will only visit your sessions with your permission and if you have a fear of dogs, this is a perfect place to work on that! 

Duke is working with a young lady to desensitize her fear of jumping puppies; he is also  helping a girl with ASD improve her social communication and empathy; and he regularly helps adolescents and younger children feel comfortable as they laugh and play with Duke.

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