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School Related Consultation & Advocacy 

 We offer a range of school-based services including school observations, teacher-trainings, staff and parent in-services, and development of behavior systems and interventions that are student-specific or implemented class-wide. Because many of us have experience as school psychologists, we are comfortable collaborating with various educational professionals in the multitude of environments where students learn.


We work closely with child study teams and frequently attend meetings with our families to help advocate for their child's special needs. We will help guide parents to know their rights and the various special education terms including the Intervention and Referral Services Process, Individualized Education Plans (IEP), and 504 Plans. 


Children spend a majority of their time in the school environment; therefore, it is crucial to support and intervene within this setting. Partnering with schools is a passion that we take very seriously and we have established many long-standing relationships with various private schools, public school districts, daycares and preschools, nonpublic and special education schools in the tristate area and beyond. 

We are your connection to Better Everything! 


To learn more about these approaches and understand their process please click HERE or visit our "Resources" page.


In the Classroom
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