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Executive Function Coaching

Executive Function Coaching for Children and Adolescents

Executive function is the "management system" of the brain. Individuals rely on executive functioning skills to plan, organize, and complete day to day tasks and school work efficiently. When one struggles with these skills, it can make learning and daily living very difficult. Executive Function Training (EFT) focuses on enhancing and practicing executive function skills and self-regulation through formal instruction and in guided and unstructured play.


Executive Function Training (EFT) helps:

  • To be organized 

  • Improve attention and concentration

  • Manage time

  • Self-regulate stress and frustration

  • Advocate for themselves

  • Communicate what they need

  • Plan work

  • Study in more effective ways

  • Remember what they are told or have read

Executive Function Coaching for College Students

With Executive Function Coaching, your college student can develop and practice skills such as goal setting, prioritizing, and planning. Together, a clinician and your college student will work to get through difficult classes, make plans, set goals, and get through the general ups and downs that a college student experiences throughout the academic year. Sometimes when a child goes off to college, the new experiences, living arrangements, and lifestyle may disrupt their current skills they have already worked to hone. Brown Psychological Services can work with your student to navigate the new challenges that they may face and help to understand and develop the new skills they may need to succeed.

Executive Function Coaching for Parents

Being the parent of a child with executive functioning challenges can be difficult. Brown Psychological Services can give you as the parent, the skills and strategies to help your child through their challenges with executive functioning. We will work with you to understand how to manage your child's behavior, solve conflicts and problems, and identify what your child may need to succeed. 

To learn more about these approaches and understand their process please click HERE or visit our "Resources" page.

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