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The Evaluation Process



The evaluation process begins with the initial phone call where you will receive an explanation of our process and availability to schedule your child. Once we decide we are a good fit for your family, a psychologist will meet with you for an intake interview to collect all necessary developmental history, observed patterns of behavior and learning over time. We will speak generally about any concerns you would like explored during the evaluation.


After this initial intake, you and your child’s teachers, tutors, and/or caregivers, etc, will be asked to complete rating scales designed to measure symptoms and behaviors in comparison to same age children.


The testing sessions will be scheduled over the course of multiple days broken into 2-3 hours blocks of time. We allow for breaks and the number of testing sessions and time for the total evaluation will depend on the nature of the reason for the examination, your child's age, and pace. In order words, we don't cram everything into a certain amount of time. We will schedule according to your child's needs and testing can take anywhere from two to eight hours.  

The standardized testing is comprised of specifically selected tests  conducted in a one-to-one format. Your child will meet with Dr. Brown or one her associates to complete all testing activities. With your permission, collateral information will also be collected from school professionals and other specialists. A school observation may also be necessary. 

The tests used in neuropsychological evaluations are generally standardized and norm-referenced, which means results are compared to the individual's same age or grade level. Once the data is analyzed, a comprehensive report will be generated in order to provide a profile of strengths and weaknesses, diagnostic impressions, and a plan for intervention and treatment. 

Insurance coverage varies greatly and because we are out of network providers, we encourage you to inquire with your specific insurance company. The following CPT (procedure) codes may be useful when you call: 

90791 Parent Intake 

96130 and 96131 Psychological Testing  

96132 and 96133 Neuropsychological Testing 

90887 Feedback Session 

To learn more about the types of evaluations we offer, please click HERE or refer to our Neuropsychological Evaluations page.

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